Vecto And Versa Flow Gravity Kit

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as of 05/11/2023
Overall*: 83
Governance: 15
Workers: 17
Community: 29
Environment: 18
Customers: 5
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*Parent company - Minimal Gear LLC
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Want to save money and get the simplest yet most versatile gravity filtering system? Buying this as one of our curated Kits saves you 20%! Only 4 parts weighing in at 8.3-9.2oz, to filter 2 liters in just under 3 minutes while you set camp, make dinner or just sit around and enjoy the view.

This is a great gift for the backpacker or bikepacker in your life.

We have taken our robust VECTO, added the HydroBlu Versa Flow, another Vecto and a GearTie and done: 4 parts for a full gravity system.

Included: 1x Orange VECTO (2L or 3L), 1x Blue VECTO (2L or 3L), HydroBlu Versa Flow water filter, and a Nite Ize 12" GearTie.

Both VECTOs connect directly to the Versa Flow for a no-leak, no-hassle filtering experience, using the orange Vecto for dirty water and your blue for clean water. The GearTie fits into the Vecto slider to allow hanging on anything with a loop. By using two VECTOs, you foolproof the dirty water bag, allowing for redundancy in the system in case there is a problem with one of the bags. It also eliminates the need to let the system "breathe" during filtering.