Ctug Shoulder Strap Sleeve For Vesica Bottle

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Ethically Sourced, Sustainable
Assessment Results
as of 05/11/2023
Overall*: 83
Governance: 15
Workers: 17
Community: 29
Environment: 18
Customers: 5
*80 is the minimum qualifying score
*Parent company - Minimal Gear LLC
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Add convenience to your hike without sacrificing valuable real estate on you pack. The CTUG Vesica Bottle Sleeve lets you keep your water within reach! Great for hydrating on the go, you can cover your miles without the frequent hassle to reach back or stop and remove your pack to access your water. Using an easy attachment system, this sleeve sits securely and seamlessly on virtually any pack's straps.

Features: Easy to assemble on a strap with or without a daisy chain using gear loop and/or s clips
Top cinch to secure the bottle in place even when leaning forward
Durable design made with Xpac VX07, Nylon webbing and Nylon mesh
Specifications: Holds a 1L Vesica or other 1L bottles of similar shape
Weight: 1.7oz
Dimensions: 8.25" tall by 3.2" diameter
Material: X-Pac (VX07), Nylon mesh, 1" nylon webbing
Made in USA