Curn Collapsible Cups Pair

B Corp
Ethically Sourced, Sustainable
Assessment Results
as of 05/11/2023
Overall*: 83
Governance: 15
Workers: 17
Community: 29
Environment: 18
Customers: 5
*80 is the minimum qualifying score
*Parent company - Minimal Gear LLC
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Pair of ultralight collapsible cups that will easily fit into any pocket.

Perfect for runners with frequent access to clean water, hikers who want to share a cold one on the trail, or anyone who wants to mix a hydration tablet. Folds into a size small enough to fit in your pocket. Stands upright on a flat surface when filled with liquid and has a double tab on the ring to make sure you can hold it firmly.

Capacity: 250 ml / 8.5 oz
Weight: 11 g / 0.38 oz (per cup)
Each pack contains 2 cups: orange and blueMade from FDA approved TPUBPA, BPF and BPS free
Operational temperatures: 20AdegF (-6AdegC) to 120AdegF (49AdegC)