Olivia Organizer Pouch

B Corp
Ethically Sourced, Sustainable
Assessment Results
as of 05/08/2023
Overall*: 112.0
Governance: 14.0
Workers: 71.0
Community: 19.0
Environment: 4.0
Customers: 4.0
*80 is the minimum qualifying score
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Keep your main carry or travel bag neat and orderly with the Olivia Pouch. We collaborated on this thoughtful pouch with Sabrina Soto, a master of interior design and organization. Featuring accordion-style internal pockets, it’s the perfect way to carry phone-keys-wallet in one easy-to-reach pouch, or keep those little items from hiding at the bottom of your bag.

"Everyone knows how much organizing and design go hand-in-hand when I’m working on a space. When you have good solutions and tools at hand, it makes keeping up with a busy life much easier. That’s why I designed this organizational pouch. It has so many different uses. You can use it to organize technology and cords, make up, your purse items, or even traveling! The sand color is absolutely beautiful and neutral, and the green is a pop of color every everyone needs their life!" - Sabrina Soto