B Corp: The Gold Standard for Environmental Certifications

Published On 06/01/2022 by KindBuys

When vetting a product or a company for inclusion in our marketplace, B Corp is one of the first things we look for.

We love B Corp companies. They're the trailblazers of sustainable and ethical business practices. B Corp continuously adapts their criteria to make sure they are staying up-to-date with current research, and they require their members to renew their certification every three years. This means that when you see the B Corp symbol on a product, you know that their manufacturing processes are adhering to the most current standards.

When assessing a company, B Corp looks at the following factors:

Governance: A company's overall mission and method of conduct.
Workers: How a company treats its employees.
Community: How a company interacts with both the community in which it runs as well as the community in which it sources from.
Environment: How a company manages its impact on the environment. It can also be a measure of the environmental impact it offers through its products/services (if applicable).
Customers: The integrity with which a company treats its customers. It can also be a measure of products/services if they address a social issue.

Unlike most certifications, rather than a simple pass/fail model, B Corp numerically grades each of its members on the above criteria, and provides an in-depth breakdown of the assessment.

You can see the assessment for one of our brands, Alaska Glacial Mud Co., here.

B Corp's rigorous standards make them one of our most trusted sources for evaluating brands. If you see the B Corp symbol on a product, you can trust that the company takes their environmental and ethical responsibilities seriously. Look for the following certification:

For more information on how B Corp defines its standards and evaluates companies, visit their website here.


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