Giving Back

KindBuys is an earn-to-give organization.

That means that our goal is to earn as much as possible, and donate as much as possible.

All profits that KindBuys earns will be donated to a total of eight causes.

If you create an account, you may select the cause to which you would like your profits to be donated. All profits made from users without a cause selected will be divided evenly among the causes that we support.

We uses Charity Navigator to donate all profits made from your purchases. Charity Navigator researches and analyzes charities to ensure your money is being donated in the most effective way possible.

Here is a list of the causes we support:
Global Poverty
Animal Welfare
Ukrainian Crisis

If you would like to donate the profits from your purchases to a different cause, please contact us and we will do our best to accomadate your request.

Thank you for contributing to our mission!